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Why Trust Aussie?
We pride ourselves on being the expert professional exterminator in Bunbury, so we keep up with all the latest industry requirements and standards and are committed to continuous professional development.

Aussie Pest Inspections are the trusted professional exterminator in Bunbury and through the South-West of Western Australia including Harvey, Australind, Binningup, Eaton, Dalyellup, Donnybrook, Gelorup, Brunswick, Mandurah, Busselton, Myalup, Leschenault, Broadwater, Yalyalup, Dunsborough, Geographe, Abbey, Glen Iris and South West.

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PestCert-accredited Pest Managers

Professional Exterminator Bunbury

Whether you are seeking to protect your home, businessor organisation, the differences are also about quality of workmanship, level of service, technical excellence and expertise and service commitment only possessed by a reputable, professional exterminator in Bunbury.

PestCert is the Australian pest management industry' badge of professional competence and pride.

Importantly, PestCert-accreditation is not a badge handed out lightly or for free. It has to be earned, the hard way.

To win PestCert accreditation, operators must:
(From PestCert website, 2009)

We pride ourselves in using the best products on the market and wherever possible environmentally friendly, less harmful products, adding to our reputation as the most professional professional exterminator in Bunbury.

Accredited European House Borer (EHB) Pest Controller

European House Borer (EHB) Hylotrupes bajulus (Linnaeus), is a destructive pest of seasoned coniferous timber including pine, fir and spruce. If allowed to become established it could cause major structural damage to buildings.
Timbers commonly used for structural purposes in Australia, including radiata pine, have been shown to be susceptible to damage by EHB.

EHB most often infests roof timbers but is also known to infest architraves, door frames and timber articles such as pine furniture. Evidence of the pest can also be found in living trees with dried-out branch stubs and damaged branches and trunks, dead trees and logs. It only infests seasoned, untreated timber.

(From Department of Commerce, European House Borer webpage, 2009)

Aussie Pest Inspections is an Accredited EHB Pest Controller.

Accredited Termidor applicator

The Professional Exerminator Bunbury

Termites are increasingly causing major structural damage to buildings throughout Australia. Since the banning of older but effective products used in the 1980s, the search was on for a termite control product that offered a fast, effective and real, long-term solution with no smell and low toxicity to humans and pets. The solution was provided by TERMIDOR products.

Since its release in 2002, Termidor has rapidly grown to become one of the leading termite control products on the Australian market.

TERMIDOR is applied as a treatment to the soil surrounding existing structures. Traditionally these types of applications are referred to as chemical barriers, although in the case of Termidor, the chemical does not act in the same way as many older chemicals. Rather than a barrier that repels termites, Termidor acts as a non-repellent treated zone, which allows termites to enter and therefore more efficiently killed.

The reason for this is that Termidor is undetectable to termites. Termites will actually enter the treated zone, where Termidor binds to their cuticle. Once this has occurred, it is only a matter of time before they are killed. And time is not on their side. Termidor's unique Transfer Effect™ ensures that the Termidor is passed from one termite to the next and as a result even termites that have not directly come into contact with the treated soil can pick up a lethal dose.

Extensive testing with Termidor under Australian conditions where termites were present in the structure showed control within nine weeks, with an average of 4.3 weeks to achieve control. However, not only will Termidor kill termites that are present, it will also prevent concealed entry to structure for a minimum period of 8 years for ALL TERMITE SPECIES - a claim no other termite control product can make.

(From the Termidor website, 2009)

Aussie Pest Inspections is an accredited TERMIDOR applicator. See WA Accredited Applicators

Watch some Termidor Videos for more information:
Watch the video from Today Tonight on how termite damage can destroy your home

David Gray’s Chemicals

Aussie Pest Inspections uses only the best pest control products on the market. We team with David Grays to provide you with the very best products available. David Grays has played a very active role in the Pest Control industry for over 25 years having once operated a successful pest control division and now heavily involved in Pest Chemical distribution.

RAPID Solutions

Aussie Pest Inspections is fully insured by the leading pest insurance broker company RAPID Solutions Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company.

RAPID Solutions specialise in and are the largest provider of insurance to the Timber Pest Management, Building Inspection, Urban and Agricultural Pest & Weed Control Industries. RAPID Solutions is the sole Australian Agent for Pacific International Insurance Limited (New Zealand) and the management team has in excess of 100 years experience in insurance.

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