Cockroach Control Bunbury

Cockroach Control Bunbury WA
There are six main species of cockroach experienced in Australia and which can be eradicated as part of Aussie Pest Inspections' cockroach control in Bunbury.  These are the American, German, and Australian, Oriental Smokey Brown, and Brown Banded cockroaches.  They are omnivorous and can live on small quantities of food. Their habit of regurgitating the contents of their crops onto the surfaces of which they transverse is responsible for contaminating surfaces with a whole range of bacteria including salmonella. Which is why it is so important to undertake an inspection as part of professional cockroach control in Bunbury.

Cockroaches are a much greater threat to staff and clients in commercial food processing facilities than either rats or mice.  The musky odour produced by large numbers of cockroaches may taint sensitive foods, such as fats and various raw materials. Vomit and faecal marks on packaged goods or the cartons they are in make them unusable. To effectively deal with these risks, Aussie Pest Inspections provides reputable cockroach control in Bunbury.

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Methods of cockroach control in Bunbury:


Aussie Pest Inspections provide cockroach control in Bunbury and through the South-West of Western Australia including Harvey, Australind, Binningup, Eaton, Dalyellup, Donnybrook, Gelorup, Brunswick, Mandurah, Busselton, Myalup, Leschenault, Broadwater, Yalyalup, Dunsborough, Geographe, Abbey, Glen Iris and South West.

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